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The Drug User network in Nigeria started the process of its formation in Nigeria started in 2014, with advocacy and consultative meeting of stakeholders on drugs in the HIV/AIDS response, organized by YouthRISE, Nigeria at Abuja, Nigeria.

The advocacy exposed the need for a network of Drug Users to coordinate the HIV/AIDS response and to advocate for issues that inhibit effective HIV response among people who use Drugs; in recognition of the need to pursue a holistic approach to the HIV response in Nigeria.

In September 2016, the process continued with the In-country Training held by the International Network of People Who Use Drugs and financed by the Global Fund (GFTAM). The In-country training was meant to equip Drug User-focused organizations with organizational skills and processes required to form a network to coordinate HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis response among People who Use Drugs. By January 2017, the Head of Drug User-led Organizations began the process of formalizing the group.

By May 2017, the group had begun the process of registration of the network with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), with a reservation of the name “Drug Harm Reduction Advocacy Network, Nigeria”. The Network was formally registered on the 7th Day of November 2017.

A Nigeria that cares with supportive laws, policies, and respect for the human rights of persons who use and are affected by drugs.

To promote the human rights of people who use and are affected by drugs through community mobilization and enlightenment; strategic engagement with stakeholders; and promotion of comprehensive Harm Reduction.


1.  ACCOUNTABILITY (A) To be responsible to internal and external stakeholders in promoting timely and qualitative.

2. CONFIDENTIALITY (C) To ensure maximum trust and privacy among DHRAN member organizations in their plans, activities, and communication.

3. TEAM-WORK (T) To commit to collaboratively work towards achieving the goals and objectives of DHRAN.

4. MUTUAL RESPECT (M) To hold in high esteem individual member organizations of DHRAN irrespective of the differences in capacity, age of the organization, location, experience of grant management, and position on the DHRAN governance structure.

5. EQUITY (E) To accord all member organizations equal, fair and balanced opportunities, rights, and privileges that promote inclusiveness.


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