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DHRAN’s new podcast tackles issues affecting drug users in Nigeria

As Nigeria grapples with the complexities of drug use and its associated challenges, the Drug Harm Reduction Advocacy Network (DHRAN) has taken a bold step forward by introducing a new podcast show titled “Drug Talk.”

Click on the poster to listen to the Drug Talk Podcast

DHRAN, founded in 2014, is a collective of organizations led by individuals with lived experiences of drug use. With a mission centered on advancing the human rights of those impacted by drug use across Nigeria, DHRAN has become a vital voice advocating for policy reforms and improved support systems for drug users.

The launch of “Drug Talk” underscores DHRAN’s commitment to amplifying the voices of individuals affected by drug use and fostering a greater understanding of the challenges they face. Nigeria, like many other countries, struggles with issues such as substance abuse, addiction, drug-related crime, and stigma against drug users. These challenges have far-reaching implications for public health, social cohesion, and economic development.

Through “Drug Talk,” DHRAN aims to address these pressing issues head-on by providing a platform for open and honest discussions. The podcast will feature insightful conversations on the realities and complexities of drug use in Nigeria, drawing from the lived experiences of individuals within the drug user community.

Additionally, experts in the field will offer valuable insights into the medical, social, and legal aspects of drug use, helping to debunk myths and misconceptions.

One of the podcast’s key objectives is to advocate for the decriminalization of drug use in Nigeria—a policy shift that DHRAN believes is essential for addressing the root causes of drug-related harm and promoting more effective approaches to drug policy.

By advocating for evidence-based harm reduction strategies and human rights-centered policies, DHRAN seeks to create a more supportive and inclusive environment for individuals affected by drug use in Nigeria.

The launch of “Drug Talk” marks a significant milestone in DHRAN’s ongoing efforts to drive positive change and promote greater understanding and acceptance of drug users in Nigerian society.

The pilot episode can be accessed here.

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